Erin Berube

Name: Erin Berube

Hometown: Merritt Island, Fla.

Proud Member of Armstrong Class of: 2017

Major: Chemistry

General Scholarship

Coming from a high school graduating class of only 150 students, Erin Berube was looking for a school where she could not only feel comfortable and at home, but where she could also pursue her love for soccer and her ambition for chemistry. She checked off everything on her college dream list when she came to Armstrong in August of 2013.

“I’m really interested in chemistry, and Armstrong has an excellent chemistry program,” said Erin. “I’m also a member of the girls soccer team.”

However, Erin’s dreams to become a Pirate would not have been possible without the scholarship she received from Armstrong.

“Without this scholarship, I would have needed to stay in Florida rather than coming to school out of state, where additional out-of-state costs are applied,” said Erin.

With the scholarship relieving a large financial burden, Erin is now free to be an outstanding Pirate both on and off the soccer field.

“Since I play soccer, it would be nearly impossible to have a job, play soccer, and study for my classes,” said Erin. “This scholarship will allow me to spend those additional hours left in my schedule to study rather than work.

For Erin, every little bit of time she can find is valuable. Aside from taking 14 credit hours of classes, she practices six times a week for two hours each with the soccer team, does weight training twice a week, and completes a mandatory study hall for four hours each week.

“I have to make a schedule and put everything down in planners,” explained Erin on how she manages her time.

A more than full schedule isn’t all that Erin is getting use to; she is also adjusting to no longer being the captain of her soccer team at West Shore High School where she lettered varsity for five consecutive years, grades 7-12.

“It’s a lot more competitive than high school,” said Erin. “I’m use to being one of the best players and here, everyone is really good.”

Erin’s first semester of college has been successful so far, and thanks to the scholarship from Armstrong, she will be able to keep the ball rolling and reach victory for the Pirate’s and for herself.

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