Benjamin Oliver


Name: Benjamin Oliver

Hometown: Augusta, Ga.

Proud Member of Armstrong Class of: 2016

Major: Medical Laboratory Science

Theron A. Grant Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Oliver at first came to Armstrong because of the radiologic science program, but he stayed because of the experience. Having received the opportunity to enter STEP (Science Technology Expansion Program) during the summer of 2012, he found that his true potential was not with radiologic science, but with medical laboratory science.

“It was good experience doing research while working in a lab and I knew that it could be even better in a medical aspect,” said Benjamin.

With those experiences in hand, Benjamin now knows that his life’s ambition is to become a physician’s assistant. While the career path is a challenging one, Benjamin feels confident in his choice because thanks to the Theron A. Grant Memorial Scholarship, he knows that someone else is confident in him too.

“To me, this scholarship means that someone believes in what I’m doing and believes in other people who are trying to do the same thing,” said Benjamin.

For Benjamin, the scholarship is a constant reminder that hard work pays off and that’s important to him because since coming to Armstrong, he has realized how important it is to give 100 percent in the classroom so that you can obtain 100 percent of your potential in the real world.

“I’ve always realized that education was important, but at the same time, I didn’t put my all into it and I didn’t try to know the information,” said Benjamin. “Through being at Armstrong, I have realized that the information you learn can be applied to so much more than just in the classroom.”

While Armstrong has already helped Benjamin mold himself into an outstanding student who has achieved the President’s List and the Dean’s List for the 2012 and 2013 academic year, he has also grown a lot as an individual.

“I have realized what’s important and have established friendships that are more beneficial to me with people who have common goals like me,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin’s success at Armstrong and the receipt of the scholarship has really built him as a person and has afforded him the confidence to step outside of his comfort zone and try new things. He’s been involved in intramural flag football and kickball and hopes to play tennis this year, he tutors independently, and has even grown confident enough to ask for help himself when he needs it from his professors.

“I was somewhat of a people person but in order to be successful at Armstrong, you have to dip into things your not use to,” said Benjamin.

Since coming to Armstrong, Benjamin has grown into a person he can be proud of and has developed a professional goal that he never he knew was possible. If the Theron A. Grant Memorial Scholarship is what it took to help get that started, we can’t wait to see what sort of response comes from a college degree.

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