Leia Pittman


Hometown: Carthage, Mo.

Major: Economics with a focus in business

Class of 2012


Why I Chose Armstrong: Armstrong offered a unique combination of a strong business major, a successful volleyball program and a great location on the coast.

Favorite Pirate Experiences: Serving as a research assistant for Economic Trends for 2012, Armstrong’s Center for Regional Analysis annual publication compiling key data about coastal Georgia, and defeating a rival team at volleyball in a high-energy home game. “We have some very passionate fans. We ended up beating the other team, and the energy in the gym was awesome. We could barely hear each other sometimes because it got so loud. That was one of my favorite wins of the season.”

Why I Love Armstrong: “I’ve gotten a great education at Armstrong and had some amazing real world experience beyond the classroom.”

Best Advice: “Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way and always do your best.”


Entrepreneurial Enthusiast

Leia Pittman, a senior majoring in Economics with a focus in business, has always had a passion for entrepreneurship.

“I like the fact that you can use your own creativity in the business world,” she explains. “That creative part of business really appeals to me.”

This aspiring entrepreneur chose the Business track at Armstrong because she had the opportunity to mix the best of both worlds, combining Economics with Business.

“It’s important to understand the economy as a whole and then apply business knowledge to that,” she says. “At other schools, they have regular business programs, but the program at Armstrong gives you a great Economics foundation, as well as information about management, human resources and entrepreneurship.”

Leia appreciates the opportunities for learning beyond the classroom at Armstrong. As a research assistant for the university’s Center for Regional Analysis, this successful senior learned more than just fact and figures when she helped research data for Economic Trends for 2012.
“I learned a lot and got to network with top government officials, business leaders and local entrepreneurs,” she enthuses. “It gave me great experience. Plus, I definitely have a deeper understanding of how Savannah works by knowing the demographics about the people who live here and the nitty-gritty statistics about housing, transportation and labor trends.”

Along with other students from her Entrepreneurship class at Armstrong, Leia recently attended a micro-credit loan conference in Atlanta, where she was part of a team solving real social problems through small business solutions. She enjoyed the opportunity to apply lessons from her Business Economics classes to create real-life solutions.

In addition to her academic success, Leia dominates on the volleyball court at Armstrong, and is nationally ranked for hitting percentage and blocking. She recently helped the Armstrong volleyball team achieve a 31-game winning streak, which set NCAA and SEC records.

A Peach Belt Conference Player of the Week and a member of the All-Academic Team, this committed student athlete enjoys the camaraderie on and off the court. “The girls are amazing,” she says. “There’s an incredible sense of team spirit.”


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