Andye Dawson Alexis Burkes Timmy Vo Cassandra Connolly Kevin O’Donnell Tiffany Edmond Amber Cordry Julie Anderson Paul Michael Baran Lauren Geiger Ben White Carol Benton Bonnie Terrell Jeremy Duvall Bill Dawers Earnest Murphy Vincent Haines Lyn Avenue Francisco Resto The Joys of “Cibo” Erik Reid Anna Threadgill
Andye Dawson
Senoia, Georgia
Class of 2014
Alexis Burkes
Beauty Runs MORE Than Skin Deep
Columbia, S.C.
Class of 2013
Public Health
Timmy Vo
Rising Star
Brunswick, Ga.
Class of 2012
Cassandra Connolly
Chasing the Challenge
Washington, D.C.
Class of 2012
Kevin O’Donnell
Opportunity is Brewing
Savannah, Ga.
Political Science
Class of 2008
Tiffany Edmond
Big Sister, Big Award
Dublin, Ga.
Class of 2012
Health Science (fitness management)
Amber Cordry
Teaching for Tomorrow
Hinesville, Ga.
Class of 2011
Julie Anderson Paul
An Armstrong Experience Leads to Saving Lives
Savannah, Ga.
Class of 2001
Michael Baran
From Warm Labs to Cold Seas
Savannah, Ga.
Class of 2011
Lauren Geiger
English Enthusiast Toccoa, Ga. Class of 2012 English Communications
Ben White
Winning Attitude
Health Administration
Carol Benton
"An International Tone"
Assistant Professor of Music Education
At Armstrong: 2008
Bonnie Terrell
Change of plans...
Rome, Georgia
Class of 2012
Middle Grades Education
Jeremy Duvall
Expanding Horizons
Beaverton, Mich.
Class of 2013
Visual Arts, Graphic Design
Bill Dawers
"Man About Town"
Instructor of English & Journalism
At Armstrong: 2000
Earnest Murphy
Coming Full Circle
Savannah, Ga.
Class of 1951
A.A. in Liberal Arts
Vincent Haines
Both Sides of the Brain
Douglasville, Ga.
Class of 2015
Lyn Avenue
Lyn Avenue- first step Armstrong, next step... the Grammys!?!?
Francisco Resto
Big interviews by a small town Pirate!
Savannah, Ga.
Class of 2009
B.A. in English
The Joys of “Cibo”
The Joys of “Cibo”
by Zerik Samples
Class of 2011
Health Science- concentration in Public Health
Erik Reid
Doors of Opportunity
Kingsland, Ga.
Class of 2007 and 2010
Anna Threadgill
Why wouldn't you go to college by the beach?